You asked and I answered! Here are the responses to the questions that are most consistently asked each season during a consultation.

What is your style?

Simply put I shoot real-life situations in an interpretive, artistic way which is why I consider myself a romantic lifestyle wedding photographer. To me this means that the I will make memories of your gown with all its embellishments, the seconds in-between moments, the atmosphere of your venues, the feeling of the season, all the colors that says you, and the warmth of family. I take shots that are less singular (think headshot) and instead create depth by using several elements in each picture. This way your images are more personalized, showcasing all that you put together, all that you planned as the backdrop to the experience of your union. While the terms candid and photojournalism can certainly apply to the way I shoot, the themes of love, family, and forever are always present.

What’s your approach to photography on the day of?

Three things I aim for is efficiency, not being in your way, and making it fun. I believe that you should be yourself on your day and have a good time.  It is important for us as photographers to be there but also to, “not be there”. However, when it comes to rounding up your wedding party and family for staged pictures, me and my second will orchestrate and arrange everyone for you. Of course and more so, this includes the two of you: the day’s highlight! I become a director at those times so that you can get all the pictures you need of your loved ones both fast and friendly. You do want great pictures but this is not a photoshoot, this is your day!

How did you get into wedding photography?

Over the course of many Saturday mornings, when my brother and I were little, my mother would take out her wedding album and tell us the tale of how she met my dad. She was and still is a great raconteur; her words seamlessly taking shape. It was easy to create such vivid images from her stories that I believe the pictures I saw in my head were the actual versions of what happened. Add the fact that her wedding pictures were real matted photographs all shot in black and white film and you have all the makings of a true romantic. Hearing and seeing all this at a young age and all through my life was very impactful. I guess I am just that romantic little boy all grown up.

Have you shot my kind of wedding?

Most likely but I am always open to experience something new! I have shot weddings barefoot on the beach, weddings in the show, weddings in a castle, weddings abroad, small backyard weddings, opulent weddings, farmhouse weddings, country-chic weddings, a costume wedding on Halloween, traditional weddings, same sex unions, weddings at night, weddings in the morning, marriages in every season, Nigerian weddings, South Asian weddings, Vietnamese Tea ceremonies, Pakistani weddings, Filipino weddings, Jewish weddings, Ethiopian weddings, Latino weddings, shot Al Gore doing a toast at a wedding, been abroad to cover weddings, and I have traveled to shoot weddings in 21 of our 50 states. While there have been many adventures, what I have learned is that you have to know what each type of wedding party is expecting and more importantly to understand the people you are working for. Each person is similar yet unique and assimilation is an important part of making great pictures.

How many weddings have you shot?

I have never counted but I have been shooting weddings for well over 15 years.

Are you insured?

Yes, I have liability insurance.

Is this your full-time (or only) job?

I have worked in a few custom (film, print, as well as E6) labs. I have been an assistant to both commercial photographers and wedding photographers for a number of years while getting my stuff together. And like most everyone else, I have had a few other jobs that were related and some not so related. During those early years, I was always thinking of how I could have my own photography business. Now that I do, I can’t see myself doing anything else. So yes, this is my only job! Well, truth be told I am also employed by my twin toddlers and their little baby brother.

Who owns the pictures? 

All picture rights are given to the couple for personal use only. In my contract your rights are addressed as the following:

“Photographer is being hired for the purpose of providing photographic services for a personal event; therefore, all rights in such photos are hereby assigned to Client for personal use only. Client hereby grants Photographer and only Photographer permission to use to all wedding images for advertising, promotion, and publication uses. Client shall not distribute images to any wedding vendor, professional, (i.e., videographers, florist, cake bakers, event planners, bridal salon, make-up and hair artists, disc jockeys) or publication without written consent from Photographer.”

How many photographers are included?

Two photographers are included in every Collection for the duration of your entire event. Yet, there are some events where there you might need only one photographer. My second shooter and I work together yet independently to give you variety and different point so view. When appropriate we can split up such as when covering bridal and groom preparatory pictures at two different venues at the same time. The 2nd photographer is a matriculated photographer who has either interned with me or worked with me as an assistant before taking on the role of 2nd photographer.

How many pictures will I receive? 

On average after the editing is done you will receive between 75 - 125 pictures per hour. All my galleries seen here show only highlights of weddings and engagement sessions, not the full session nor the entire wedding gallery. 


Will there be logos or watermarks on my pictures?

The pictures you receive on your personalized USB and on your online gallery will be free from logos or watermarks.

Do you shoot in RAW? 

Yes, but more importantly I shoot with full frame cameras and use fast prime lenses. 

How do you process your pictures?

Processing is a unique look which will liven and enhance your images. I aim for rendering your colors so they pop, are warm but not over saturated and skin tone that is pleasing, real, not overblown and bleached or overtly darkened into a muddy mess. My goal is to romanticize your pictures.

All editing and processing is done in-house and not sent out to a third party. What that means is that third parties will force images to follow presets (“filters”) regardless of your event’s mood or colors.

Our reception will be at night (or our venue is dimly lit), how do you handle low light?

Most all of how we capture your imagery is done by the manipulation of available light. Still, we add light when appropriate at any time of the day, but more so once the sun has set.  It all depends on the situation and the look we are going for.  Most all receptions indoors will require us to use lights not only because it is dark but because it creates a dramatic look.


On the wedding day, how much time should we set aside for pictures?

Because each wedding is different, I am happy to make suggestions for what works best on your day. For example, some weddings have various locations to consider, and others may include a first look (also called "the reveal") that can minimize picture taking after the ceremony. Whatever the case, I believe in working with your timeline and not going over the time allotted for pictures. While I do work efficiently, I am still making sure that everyone is looking their best while directing everyone as needed. In general, it takes between 15 - 25 minutes for the family and wedding party pictures, and 15 - 25 minutes for the two of you. However, some couples do spend more time taking pictures or at different time of times of their day such as pictures during a first look, later at sunset, or even at night.  


Can I get albums now or later? 

I do offer albums. However, there is no obligation to get an album from me as some couples enjoy a DIY approach to albums. Photography-only Collections are available but if you decide on albums at a later time after your wedding, we can certainly get you what you are looking for. It is not listed on my rate sheet but I do have economic solutions such as hard back books instead of an album. I will say this, I have not had a bride purchase an album post-wedding even when I have given her the a la carte album price. Unless she has already included the album in her Collection, a couple will not purchase one after the wedding. After the dust settles, newlyweds may move into a new home, start a family, and/or start a new job. If you are considering an album, or even something for the parents like the hard back books, I would include it now rather than later.

How far in advance would I need to book with you?

Throughout the wedding season, there are days that become the most sought after wedding dates. Those dates book up at least one year in advance. Additionally, consistently popular wedding dates fall within the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, and also the month of October.