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Please feel free to share something about you two and what you have planned: how he asked, what do you like to do together, some details about wedding day colors and style, or any story that led up to the day you said yes!
How many hours do you think you need? *
Since you might be in the early planning stages it's ok if you really don't now yet. Many brides book seven hrs, for example and then add on one or two more hours a month or so before the wedding. Once your plans really start to come together you will have a better idea about how your day will flow. At that time, if you need more time you can add more time. Plus, I am always open to making suggestions as to what would work best for your situation so you can have a smooth wedding experience. If you are wanting everything covered from the prep all the way up through your send off, you might need more than 8 hrs, especially if your wedding will take place at more than two venues.
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Most wedding celebrations call for two photographers. However there are intimate events that would be better suited with having only one photographer. Examples of such events are ones that have less than 50 guests and/or where six or less hours will cover what you need. Also, it simply might be a matter of what works best for your budget. With that in mind, there is the option where I would cover your entire event while having the second photographer cover less hours than me. For example, I would cover the entire 8 hrs and the second photographer would cover 6 hours.
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My rate sheet lists all-inclusive Collections that are ready to go but if you need something modified, I do have the flexibility to custom tailor a package to suit your needs. Here are the items that are always in demand.
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You may have just started to shop around so here is a quick guide of what I offer.
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You may find it best to talk over the phone. I completely welcome your thoughts, ideas, and questions. But if you find that your schedule does not allow time for a call or a face-to-face meeting, then no worries. We can chat when you are ready.